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Travelberry is the first website that combines a travel booking platform with POI suggestions and automatic roadtrip planning features.

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Have you ever had to plan a roadtrip with friends? Juggling yourself between 4 different booking websites, a calendar, Google and Tripadvisor?

We had, and it's a nightmare.


Travelberry is a travel website where you can have the same experience as going to a travel agency for your roadtrip, without leaving your desk (and without paying the agency fees!).

You simply pick:

  • where you want to start the trip
  • where you want the trip to end
  • when you are leaving
  • how often you'd like to change city

Et voilà! Travelberry suggests the best sightseeing locations and point of interests in the area and picks the places where it would be best to sleep. Finally, it suggests accommodation and travel arrangements for you to share with your travel companions and book!


The app and the brand were initially designed during a weekend-long hackathlon using Figma and the Affinity suite.

The frontend framework of choice was Angular because of the speed and confidence at which we are able to develop on it, while for the backend we opted to mix Python and Symfony (PHP) respectively for the travel optimisation and the business logic aspects.


The product was ready to launch by February 2020 in anticipation of the summer travels, however it was put on hold due to the COVID19 pandemic and will be launched soon (let's hope) in the future.


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