Apple Vinegar Traceability

A product traceability project to showcase the quality of multiple product lines of organic apple vinegar.

Docker Swarm
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This project was made in collaboration with with one of our portfolio startups. We developed a cutting-edge web application for a well-known Italian apple vinegar manufacturer. The app aimed to promote four of their organic apple vinegar product lines and showcase their quality by providing information on their production process.

The Solution

The app provides a comprehensive overview of the manufacturer's products, with hundreds of production batches. Each batch is characterized by different varieties of apples, picking places, and periods, as well as bottling plants. By showing this level of detail in an organized way, we ensured that customers can gain a deeper understanding of the products' origin and quality.

Thanks to the technologies we used (Progressive Web Application (PWA) using Nuxt.js), the resulting web app was extremely fast and on both mobile and desktop devices. Customers were search for products using the batch number on the bottle and view all the available information about each product batch. These requirements were essential in delivering an exceptional user experience and providing the manufacturer with a competitive edge.

Ultimately, this resulted in Genuine Way's client winning one of the most prestigious innovation prizes in italy.


Our collaboration with Genuine Way resulted in the successful creation of a web app that met the client's requirements and exceeded customer expectations. If you're looking for a team of experienced developers to help you optimize your operations and improve your bottom line, contact us today.


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