Genuine Way

Tech service provider specializing in the development and distribution of blockchain-integrated solutions for manufacturers of consumer goods in the food, fashion, cosmetics & pharma industries.

Our mission is to promote conscious consumption all around the world.

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We took part to the foundation of Genuine Way during the rising period of ICOs. During the first months, we took an active role in the definition of the all the token-economy behind the project and we developed the first smart contracts used to certify that all the transactions were accurate and that the supply chain was not compromised.

Over time, the ICO scenario changed and as more regulations were enacted, the focus of Genuineway switched towards the development of blockchain-based certifications services targeted at SMEs and producers in Europe.

We maintained our role as technical partners, in addition to being shareholders.


ITEMx is a digital platform that enables brands to create connectivity between products and consumers with the goal of showcasing their production history on the public blockchain.

With ITEMx, brands can created personalized product pages that show the unique value and quality of their products using public documents that are notarized on the blockchain. By notarizing and publishing documents, brands communicate their quality, sustainability and promote transparency.


In addition to being shareholders in the company, our role in Genuine Way is that of CTO. We contribute in all technical and product decisions, coordinating development efforts and collaborating with the team to promote growth and product innovation.


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