As a software development business, we are proud to have assisted a dynamic startup who created an optimization algorithm for 3D objects for the metaverse and VR. Our client recognized the need for a web application to promote and sell their algorithm and approached us to provide a solution. We were excited to collaborate with them, and here is an overview of how we achieved our objectives.

The web app

Our client had several requirements for their web application. One of the essential features was the ability to display two 3D objects side by side. To ensure a smooth user experience, we designed an intuitive interface that allowed users to view and compare the objects easily.

Real-time notifications

Our client required real-time notifications to keep their users informed when their projects were ready. To achieve this, we utilized GraphQL as a transport protocol. Our team also leveraged Angular and Nest.js to develop a robust back-end solution that was scalable and efficient.

Our team was delighted to work with Adapta Studio and develop a web application that met their specific requirements. By using Angular, Nest.js, GraphQL, and Three.js, we created an efficient, scalable, and user-friendly application. Our client was thrilled with the outcome, and we look forward to working with them in the future.

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